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Zest Overview

Our vision is:

To enable everyone in our communities to lead successful and healthy lives.

Our mission is:

$1  1.      To provide a healthy living centre delivering responsive services to tackle local inequalities, including:

-         Health and wellbeing

-         Employment and skills

-         Sport, leisure and recreation

$1  2.      To foster communities where everyone feels welcomed, valued and can fully participate in the life of the community.

$1  3.      To play an active role in supporting other disadvantaged communities in Sheffield.


     Our values 

There are five distinct values that underpin our work and make us distinctive.  These are:


$1·         Whole-household model - services at the Zest Centre are designed to take a whole-household approach in recognition of the fact that families and individuals have complex issues that cannot necessarily be addressed by one service.


$1·         Quality and innovation – we are committed to providing high quality and innovative services for our customers.  We ensure that our staff are highly skilled and flexible to meet the needs of customers and we encourage services to collaborate in order to find new ways of working.


$1·         Affordability – we recognise that for people facing disadvantage a significant barrier to accessing services, particularly sports and physical activities is the affordability of those services.  We strive to keep our services affordable for all.


$1·         Community engagement – we consult with our customers and local residents about the services they would like to see at the Zest Centre to make sure they respond to their needs.  We also involve local people in service delivery through our extensive volunteering programmes.  Local residents are also involved in the Centre’s Board of Trustees.


$1·         Partnership – we work with a range of partners to deliver high quality services to address the needs of our customers and local residents.  We also work with our partners in the city to develop third sector supply chains and we are involved in Sheffield Cubed, one of the main third sector consortiums in the city.