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Gym & Fitness


At Zest we offer a superb gym and a range of equipment so there is something to suit everyone. We have supportive staff and a relaxed, friendly environment. So whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, tone up or just generally feel fitter, our gym can cater for your needs.

The Zest ethos is to ensure our facilities are accessible to everyone; therefore we also offer a Gym for Women as some women prefer to exericse in a women only environment. 

We also offer some family friendly gym sessions as well as excellent facilities and gym equipment for people with disabilities.

We also offer a range of payment options so that cost isn’t a barrier! We offer pay as you go or membership packages, with fantastic direct debit memberships allowing you to choose a Value or a Flexible package - whichever suits you best.   You can choose from monthly and yearly memberships or if you have a slice card then why not take advantage of our weekly memberships. Find out more about our prices.

At quieter times we operate a partially staffed gym.   It is our intention to have qualified staff in the gym from 8am - 8pm Monday to Thursday, 8am - 3pm on Friday and 9am - 2.30pm on Saturday. The rest of the time the gym will operate without staff being based in the gym, however there will always be a number of qualified staff in the building who are able to assist if required, and an emergency call button in the unlikely event that urgent medical attention is required.

We no longer offer exercise classes with the exception of cardiac rehabilitation, however a number of instructors will be offering privately operated exercise classes from Zest premises - we will be publishing details of these classes on our Excercise timetable and show them as PAYG classes.  Simply turn up and pay the instructor directly, no need to pay at reception.

To find out more about the gym and fitness classes, call in or ring our Reception staff on (0114) 270 2040.