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Workshops and Social Groups

We run a number of workshops aimed at improving your wellbeing and physical health as well as social groups where you can meet others and make new friends.

Cost: free

We run a number of free group sessions including:

Women’s Wellbeing Course – on this course you will learn about how to improve your wellbeing and stay fit and healthy.

Family Health Workshops – on this course you will learn principles of first aid and common childhood conditions

Health checks - every alternate Thursday from 1.00-2.00pm you can come to Zest and have your blood pressure taken, check your weight and get health-related advice. This service is free and confidential.

Craft and sewing groups - If you are would like to meet new friends and develop a practical skill, why not try one of our craft or sewing groups?

For more information contact our health team, tel 0114 270 2040 ext 208