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Memories of Upperthorpe

Back in 2010 Zest had to close the swimming pool for 3 months whilst the original, Victorian roof was replaced for health & safety reasons.  But whilst the pool was closed we didn't sit idle, we decided it would be nice to speak to people who used to swim here when the pool was known as the Upperthorpe Corporation Baths, so I (Karen Purnell) searched high and low across the city looking for people with memories to share.

There were articles in the local paper and I was on Radio Sheffield appealing for people to contact me, and contact me they did - and quite a lot of people too!  I met with loads of lovely people, all of whom had fantastic memories to share, some people used to come here with school, some have stories of swimming in competitions and some used to come for a bath!

When we re-opened the pool we put up a display of the memories and it was very popular, but we needed the space so it had to come down, and it's been sitting in my drawer ever since, so I thought it would be nice to publish the memories onto our website, so here they are.  If you click on the link to the left called Your Memories you can read what people told me.  There are a few photographs as well, and most importantly, if you have any memories of your past days at Upperthorpe and would like to share them with us all, please click on the 3rd link called Share your Memories and they will come straight to my inbox, I'll be sure to publish them onto the site as soon as I can.

Enjoy reading this little part of Upperthorpe's history, I certainly enjoyed compiling it all.

Karen Purnell

Business Operations Manager, Zest