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Supporting the Community

Zest, alongside the wider community, were both shocked and saddened to hear about the fatal shooting of  local young man, Aseel  Al-Essaie, on Saturday afternoon.

The strong sense of community in Upperthorpe will be all the more important at this challenging time.

We have full confidence in the local police in handling and dealing directly with this incident.

Our workers on the ground are reaching out to support and reassure those in the community that have been directly affected.

Our priority now, will be to work with local partners and the community itself to target our support, help prevent escalation and to ensure continued  investment in local engagement.

Zest provides a range of support to local people, including to those who may be facing challenges and difficult choices in their lives.

Please look out for opportunities to engage with us in the days and weeks ahead as we reach out, work with and for the local community to develop a positive response.


Matt Dean, Chief Executive.

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    About 23 hours ago
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    Mon Oct 16th