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Zest food donation point

At Zest we are seeing increasing numbers of people visiting us in desperate need of food.   Colleagues who deliver our employment and training services meet people experiencing all sorts of emergencies, from people who have had their benefits stopped and are left with no money to feed their families to those experiencing domestic violence.


There are two local food banks open twice a week in the local area.  One is based at St Thomas’ Church, Gilpin Street and the other at St Thomas’ Church, Nairn Street.  Zest supports these food banks and can supply vouchers to people who qualify for their support.    

Aware of the limited support local food banks can provide and shocked by the situation many families are facing, we decided to create our own food donation point at Zest.  This enables us to give food parcels to people in emergency situations outside the opening times of the local food banks and from a wider geographic area.  Each parcel contains two days’ worth of food.  Since the end of May we have given out 24 emergency food parcels.

If you would like to help us, you will find our food donation point in the library area of the Zest Centre.  We are particularly in need of:

  •       UHT/powdered milk
  •       Sugar (500g)
  •       Tinned soup
  •       Tinned vegetables
  •       Tinned pasta sauces
  •       Pasta/rice
  •       Jam
  •       Tea bags/instant coffee
  •       Cereals
  •       Biscuits/snack bars
  •       Toiletries

Thank you for your support!