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Swimming Lessons

Would you like your children to learn to swim at Zest in our friendly, warm water pool and with our excellent instructors?

We are currently adding people to the waiting list for our ASA Stage 1 classes for children who are age 5 years and over - Stage 1 is for absolute beginners.

We offer swimming lessons for children Monday to Friday between 4 - 6.30pm as well as most of the day on Saturday. The cost is £46 for a block of 8 lessons, and each lesson lasts for 35 minutes.

If you would like your child to be put onto our waiting list either email us, call in or ring and speak to our reception staff on 0114 2702040 (but please be patient as our reception can get quite busy at times). Alternatively you could select extension 217 but please note that this number is only monitored on a part time basis.  From the front page of our website you can click Contact Us and this will send your message directly to our duty management team who will get back to you as soon as possible.

Zest operates just 2 lessons at any one time, unlike most other pools in Sheffield who have 3 or even 4 lessons operating simultaneously.  We also limit the number of children in each class to a maximum of 12 (or 10 for stage 1) unlike other pools where there may be up to 16 children in each class.  This means there is less distractions for your child and we generally find that the children appreciate our warmer water as they soon feel the cold, especially with the bizarre weather we have in the UK!!.

For adults, we offer Women Only swimming lessons on Wednesday at 10.10am every week, no need to pre-book just arrive 10 minutes before the start of the lesson and book in at reception - please speak to our staff for more information.