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Case Studies


   Julie is now inJulie Fletcher employment after receiving help from Zest for Work. She had previously worked in care and helped her mum look after her sister who has Downs Syndrome.  Julie is a single parent and had been unemployed for 2 years prior. She struggled to do put words down on paper as she is dyslexic. 


Preparing a C.V, cover letter and completing job application forms was a difficult and daunting task. That was until she got help and support from her work club advisor.


Julie says “without the support from my Advisor at Zest for Work I dread to think how long it would have taken me to get back into employment, the Work club has helped me a lot”.


Julie needed I.D. which she did not have, to apply for a D.B.S. check. Work club support was able to help with the cost of applying for a replacement Birth Certificate and towards travel costs to work until she got her first wage; without this support she would have had to turn the job down.


Her employer says "Julie is a good worker; she picks up extra shifts at short notice. She is hardworking and a caring person."